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一楽   Ichiraku

「一楽荘」とは、松本浅間温泉鷹の湯旅館  (1887-1998) を移築した建物ものです



“Ichiraku” is a former Asama Onsen Takanoyu Ryokan (1887-1998) building in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture of Japan, that has been relocated.
A library was created inside the Ichiraku building.

Ichiraku was originally located in Asama Onsen, Matsumoto City, and was removed when Takanoyu Ryokan went out of business. It is a relocated and rebuilt annex from the mansion.

"Takanoyu Ryokan" was founded in 1891. It continued for four generations, starting with the first Kaichiro Suzuki, but closed down in 1998. and was dismantled. This Ichiraku building was created by Takeo Suzuki, who passed away suddenly in 1996 at the age of 48, and with the life insurance and the hot spring water rights to the Takanoyu hot springs. Ichiraku was rebuilt using the income from the ``Takanyo Ryokan'' rather than being built as a villa.
I hope that many people will take advantage of it.

Asama Onsen Takanoyu Ryokan (1887-1998)

Ichiraku today

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