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About Me

About Me

I want to create a unique talisman for you!

Japanese artist Kumiko Suzuki

I am a Japanese artist living in Greater Tokyo. Drawing and painting is my great passion. I am fascinated by a line!

Growing up in family with two fashion designers - my mother and my older sister - I felt the joy of creating things from an early age, but only in recent years I could devote more time to art.


At times,  you can instantly feel someone's feelings. I express my feelings though my drawing and painting, and I hope you will feel them.

I mainly draw and paint on fabric and leather that later becomes bags and clothes. I also make illustrations and design postcards.

During the last years, I have been working as artist and textile designer for - a fashion design company based in Tokyo and Hiroshima.

I have worked as librarian and am also working as psychological counselor. I am interested in Reiki - the Japanese practice of energy healing.

To learn more about Suzuki family history please visit my Ichiraku page.

Koinobori. Painting on cloth by Kumiko Suzuki




現在は子育てをしながらファッションブランド を中心に絵を描いています。





鈴木 久美子



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